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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

Using the PANASONIC AG-3200 VCR

  1. POWER button
    • Turns VCR ON and OFF

  2. Cassette Slot
    • Insert VHS cassette tape here

  3. Insert
    • This function is disabled

  4. Audio Dubbing
    • This function is disabled

  5. Rec Link
    • This function is disabled

  6. 24HR Quick Program
    • Set a timer recording within the next 24 hours

  7. Advanced Jog Dial
    • Use to navigate VCR menus

  8. Stop/Eject
    • Stops the VHS tape and ejects it from the VCR

  9. Play
    • Begins playing inserted VHS tape

  10. Pause
    • Pauses the currently playing VHS tape

  11. Record
    • Starts recording onto inserted VHS tape

  12. Remote Sensor
    • Point remote towards sensor to operate VCR

  13. Display Panel
    • Displays status of VCR

  14. Video/Audio Input Connectors
    • Connect external video sources here to record to VHS tapes

  15. S-Video Input Connector
    • Connect an S-Video source here for recording to VCR