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Using Sabine SW70-T Wireless Microphones

    Sabine SW70-T Microphone Front view

  1. Charging the Bodypack
    • Users are asked to please plug the unit into the power cable after every class. Doing this will help ensure that the microphone will be ready for every class throughout the day without changing batteries.

      Sabine SW70-T Front view             Sabine SW70-T Back view

    • NOTE: If the microphone�s batteries go dead, we ask users not to change the batteries with spares that are left for other devices.

      Use of other batteries could cause damage to the unit!

      Please report any problems to Classroom Support via the Problem Report Web Form (on your computer's desktop after you log in). You can also call 644-2811 or e-mail to

Using Lapel Wireless Microphones

    Proper Microphone Placement Proper Microphone Placement

  1. How to attach
    • If a microphone clip is not already attached, fit the clip to the groove in the head assembly. Clip the head assembly to a lapel, button area of a shirt, or necktie, preferably about two buttons down as shown in picture above. The clip can rotate 360� for attachment from any direction.

  2. Tips for convenient use
    • To avoid feedback, use the microphone with your mouth put as close to the microphone top as possible.
    • Some microphone head assemblies are equipped with a foam cover (windshield). Please do not remove this cover because it helps muffle undesired sounds.
    • Adjust the volume control to an appropriate volume level that prevents feedback. The system is prone to feedback if the microphone comes too close to the speaker.
    • Take care not to drop the unit on to a hard floor.
    • Do not flip or blow into the microphone head.
    • Never open the unit or touch its internal components.