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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

Using the PANASONIC PV8450 VCR

  1. POWER
    • Turns the VCR ON and OFF

  2. Stop/Eject
    • Stop Playing VHS Tape and/or Eject VHS Tape

  3. Cassette Compartment
    • Insert VHS Cassette here

  4. Rewind/Search
    • Rewind VHS Tape or Search Backwards

  5. Play
    • Begins Play of VHS tape

  6. Fast Forward/Search
    • Fast Forward VHS Tape or Search Forward

  7. Record
    • Press Play and Record simultaneously to record to VHS tape

  8. VCR/TV Selector
    • Switches VCR between VCR mode and TV mode

  9. Remote Sensor
    • Point Remote Control at Sensor

  10. Front Panel Display
    • Displays current status of VCR

  11. Tracking and Channel UP/DOWN
    • Change TV Channel UP or DOWN and adjust Tracking
      • The VCR players in the classroom do not have TV antennas connected to them. The TV tuner will not work.