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Using the HCB 319 Touch Panel Interface with Video Conferencing

The following information is a very detailed explanation of how to use the touch panel interface that is in HCB 319. It is quite lengthy and may be printed for your convenience.

Welcome Screen
  • You may see this screen when you enter the classroom. Simply touch the screen to begin using the equipment.

  • (Click on image to see a larger version)
    Main Control Page
  • From here you can control the majority of the system.
  • The upper-left large window is the preview for the PC. The upper-right large window is the preview for the document camera.
  • Start Video Conference
  • Press button on Touch Panel labeled "PRESS HERE TO VIDEO CONFERENCE"
  • Confirm
  • Press button on Touch Panel labeled "Yes"
  • Enter Password and press DONE
  • At this point, the screen will come down and the projectors will come on. It will take about 1 minute for the projectors to warm up.
  • Volume
  • Adjust Program Volume on Touch Panel to roughly 75% of maximum.
  • Sending Graphics
  • To send Local Computer, Document Camera or Laptop to distant classroom, on the Touch Panel press the button for the source you wish to send, then press PROJECT. If the source you are sending is not visible on the large projection screen in your classroom, press GRAPHICS on the Touch Screen.
  • If at any time you're not seeing what you need on the main screen, press the GRAPHICS button on the Touch Panel.
  • Ending the video conference
  • To end the video conference press ALL PROJECTORS OFF on TOUCH PANEL
  • Please Wait Pop-up Window
  • This window will pop-up when the projector power on button is pressed.
  • This window will prevent any other buttons from being pressed for 35 seconds while the projectors are powering up.
  • Main Screen Control
  • The up and down main screen buttons will raise and lower the screen.
  • Source Selection
  • To select a source, touch one of the source buttons located in the lower left hand corner of the main control page. Some of the source buttons have a pop-up page associated with them. When pushed the pop-up page will automatically turn on control of that source. The active source button will turn green.
  • To view a preview source full screen touch the image once to expand to full size. Touch the image again to return to the main control page.
  • Project Controls
  • To display a selected source press the project button. The project button will turn yellow.
  • The picture mute button toggles the black screen function of the projectors. This button flashes red when the picture is muted.
  • Lighting Controls
  • The five lighting buttons between the preview windows will recall the lighting system presets. The active lighting button will turn green. Note: The green button may not match the selection on the wall switch.
  • VCR Control Pop-up Window
  • This window will pop-up when the VCR button is pressed.
  • The play, stop, pause, fast-forward, and rewind buttons control the VCR or the VCR can be controlled by the buttons on its front panel.
  • A preview of the VCR will be displayed in the video window.
  • This window will also display any auxiliary device plugged into the auxiliary audio/video connections next to the laptop connections on the podium.
  • DVD Control Pop-up Window
  • This window will pop-up when the DVD button is pressed.
  • The DVD player is controlled by the play, stop, pause, fast-forward, rewind, skip forward, skip rewind, cursor up, cursor down, cursor right, cursor left, and enter buttons.
  • The DVD player will also play audio CD's.
  • LCD Projector Power-Down Warning Pop-up Window
  • This window will pop-up when the projector power off button is pressed.
  • "Yes" will turn off the projector and disable the system for two minutes while the LCD bulb cools down.
  • "No" will exit you back to the main control page.