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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

How to us the William Johnston Building touch screen menus

The following information is a detailed explanation of how to use the touch panel interface that is in the Technology-Enhanced Classrooms in the William Johnston Building.

Main Control Page (click images to enlarge)

  • From here you will control the majority of the system.
  • The projector on and off controls are delineated in green.
  • The buttons to change input between the Doc Cam, PC, DVD, VCR, and Laptop are delineated in red.
  • To view the selected intput in either preview panel, press "preview". To project a preview press either "project" button. (noted in blue)

Projector On/Off Confirmation

  • This prompt will display upon powering the projectors on or off from the main panel.

Projector Warmup Screen

  • This screen will display as the projector warms up. No other inputs will be available for this short duration.

DVD control Screen

  • This is how your main screen will appear while the DVD input button is selected.
  • The DVD player video input will automatically appear in the small window in the bottom center, and you will see the standard DVD player controls (noted in green).
  • If you need other functionality that requires a remote, please request one from the AV department.

AUX Input Screen

  • If you are connecting a device via the AUX input, after pressing the "Aux" button your main screen will look like this.
  • The video input from your AUX device will automatically display in the bottom middle preview pane.