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The Florida State University Information Technology Services

Classroom Support Web Site

Technology-Enhanced Classrooms (TEC) now span across campus and additional rooms are being equipped every year. We, in Classroom Support, would like to thank those of you who have given us suggestions on how to make your classroom experiences and this web site even better.

Teaching With A TEC Computer/Account Registration

For teaching in all Technology-Enhanced Classrooms (TEC) instructors will use their FSUID to log in to classroom instructor computers if they are associated with the class in Student Central. Any instructors who do not have an account, or are unsure about this, can register here. Instructors of record not listed in Student Central can have their department correct that so they can automatically log in to TEC computers in future semesters.

AV Technical Services

If you require temporary electronic equipment in a classroom, please view our Available Items and fill out the Equipment Request form. If you would like to request the permanent installation of a specific electronic item in a classroom, please fill out the form on the Software Request page.

Create Your Own User Guide

Information about TEC rooms is available from the list of TEC Classrooms. Click a classroom number from the list to view information about the equipment located in that room. You can view or print a concise instruction sheet for each piece of equipment.

Helpful Tips

Please take a look at our TEC Top 10 List for basic information that every instructor should know when using a Technology-Enhanced Classroom. This is especially helpful if you are new to these rooms but also serves as a refresher for those who have used these rooms before.

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  • Report a Problem Problem Report
    Having a problem in a
    Technology-Enhanced Classroom?
  • Lab Support
    Having a problem in a
    Computer Lab?
  • TEC Account Registration
    Sign up for a TEC account to use TEC computers.
  • Software Request
    Need software for your class?
    Click Software Request to see if that can be accommodated.
    (FSUID Required)

  • Training Request
    If you are having problems using any hardware or software in a Technology-Enhanced
    Classroom, let us know and a Classroom Support technician will make an appointment to meet with you.
    (FSUID Required)

  • How-to's
    If you have a question and want an immediate answer, we have a number of How-To's explaining
    and detailing the use of many of our hardware and software products.