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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, please e-mail us at so that we can help you.

Room Access / Problems Equipment
T: Drive Network
Q) What do I do if I want additional software installed on the classroom computer?
A) The Classroom Support staff would be happy to install additional software for you, but we do ask for advance notice to test the software and install it on the particular computer you have requested. Please visit the Classroom Support Case page and click on the "Software Request" tab to submit such requests. Return to top

Q) Whom do I contact to schedule a room?
A) Instructors or departmental representatives may contact Space & Scheduling, Office of the Registrar, at (850) 644-1050 to reserve a general purpose classroom. Space & Scheduling schedules both regular semester classroom times and "special event" times. Please note: Students and student organizations wishing to schedule rooms in the Oglesby Union should call (850) 644-6083. Return to top

Q) Who can show me how to use the equipment in the classrooms?
A) Anyone in Classroom Support who works between 7:30am and 9:30pm Monday through Friday. To make an appointment, please go to the Classroom Support Case page page and click the "Training Request" tab. Please make an appointment at least one class day in advance if possible. Training can be just before your class or some other time when the classroom is vacant. Contact Classroom Support @ (850) 644-2811 and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Return to top

Q) I need an instructor account to use the classroom computer.
A) Go to our TEC Account page to register. A confirmation web page, with further instructions, will be displayed in your browser. Return to top

Q) I have an instructor account and would like to change my password.
A) Login at the classroom computer with your current username and password. When you see the desktop display, press [CTRL]-[ALT]-[DELETE] and click the "Change Password" button. Enter your current password once and your new password twice, and click "OK". You can then use your same username and new password.
To maintain one password for all FSUID accounts, please call the Helpdesk at (850) 644-HELP to have your password reset. Return to top

Q) Is a wireless microphone available for my classroom?
A) Yes, some of our rooms are provided with wireless microphones. Currently, wireless mics are in the following rooms that show a "WM" abbreviation in the list of Classrooms. If you are having problems with the wireless mic, please report the problem to us. Return to top

Q) Why are there two computers in some rooms, and only one in others?
A) Some instructional software can only be run on one kind of computer. Some of our classrooms have a Macintosh computer. In order to ensure that your teaching material will be available to you in all TEC classrooms, be sure your software will run on DELL-compatible computers. Please review our list of Technology Enhanced Classrooms to check on availability. Return to top

Q) The equipment is dirty. Can I help by cleaning it?
A) No. Please do not clean the equipment. Many pieces of our equipment are very delicate, and if cleaned improperly can cause the equipment to malfunction. If any of the equipment is dirty, please contact us so we can clean it as soon as possible. Return to top

Q) How do I send a report about equipment problems in the classroom?
A) Call (850) (850) 644-2811 to report a problem during class if you need immediate attention. Or, after you have logged in, click the exclamation mark icon on the classroom computer desktop. Your message will be sent to us and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. If your situation isn't urgent then call (850) 644-2811 or e-mail with your problem report, question, or comment. Return to top

Q) How do I report a physical problem (e.g. broken window, etc.) with any general-purpose classroom?
A) Call Classroom Support at (850) 644-2811. Return to top

Q) The computer gives me a message asking if I would like to login in with my local or roaming profile, what should I do?
A) Click the "Yes" button. The computer had difficulty writing your profile to the server last time you logged out. Everything should still function correctly. Return to top

Q) Why won't the computer let me login? It says "Invalid password or username".
A) If you are receiving this error, you may wish to review the details of the login process found on this page. If you still receive the same message, please call (850) 644-2811 Classroom Support to verify your username, and/or reset your password. Return to top

Q) My presentation/lecture has audio in it, but I do not hear anything when the sound is supposed to play.
A) Make sure the speakers are turned on. Then, make sure the computer volume (controlled from the speaker icon) or the DVD volume (controlled from the LCD projector remote) is properly adjusted. There is also a separate volume control for the CD or DVD player. Return to top

Q) Can I turn the sound off in the classroom?
A) Yes. You can either turn the speakers down or off, or you can turn down the audio on the computer. To turn down the audio for the computer itself, you need to double click on the speaker icon in the bottom right hand side of the computer next to the clock, then lower the slider that says "Volume Control" down to the bottom, it is on the far left side of the window.

Q) Can I use the CD format CD-R or CD-RW in the classroom computers?
A) Yes, you can use either format in any of our computers. Unfortunately, CD writing is not an exact science. It is highly recommended that all "home-grown" CD's are tested in a regular CD-ROM drive (not a CD writer) before they are used during a class in case the writing failed. A CD may appear to have been written properly when it was not. Return to top

Q) What precautions can my class take when using PC-formatted disks in a Macintosh?
A) Never use an "untitled" PC-formatted floppy disk in any of the Macs in the classroom (or public labs). There are a variety of problems when disks are used in this state. The problems are random and varied so some people might claim they've never had a problem. It is most safe if the disk is PC-formatted IN THE MAC before the first file is saved to it. When formatting in the Mac, you must title the disk to make it perform most reliably. Return to top

Q) Can I use a laptop for presenting my material?
A) Yes, in most of our rooms. In order to take advantage of the laptop connection, your laptop must have a "Video Out" port. Once you have located this port, you need to plug a VGA cable into it, and configure your laptop to provide this port with the VGA signal. For instructions on how to do this, consult the documentation for your laptop. In addition to the video cable, there should be a place for you to plug in for audio. You are responsible to supply your own laptop video and audio cables. Most laptop computers require a function key or software command to activate/deactivate the laptop video output signal. This chart lists the video activation commands for common laptop manufacturers and models. Return to top

Q) How can I connect to the Internet with my laptop?
A) For Internet access, your laptop must have an Ethernet card properly installed, and your computer must be configured to use DHCP. See instructions on this web page for connecting via DHCP. Return to top

Q) I cannot get the screen to display computer, laptop, DVD, etc.
A) First check that the appropriate device is chosen (e.g. "Cabinet Computer", if you are trying to display the computer). Then make sure that the projector is set to display the correct signal. Return to top

Q) Why won't the LCD projector turn on?
A) It takes awhile for the projector to come on. It is not advisable to turn the projector on and off without waiting for the lamp to cool first. If the projector is not operating, then turn off the power switch and wait a full minute before turning it on again. If a power switch is not installed then contact Classroom Support via the icon on the screen or by some other means. Return to top

Q) Why is the wireless microphone not working?
A) There are three possible solutions to this problem. The first is that the microphone may not be turned on. Make sure the power switch is in the "On" position.
Another situation may be that the volume is turned down, please refer to our classroom listing to see how to adjust the volume in each classroom.
The third situation is that the battery may be dead. On most models, press the check battery button to see if at least one green bar appears. If it does not, the battery is dead. On other models, if the small red LED flashes briefly once when the microphone is turned on, the battery is still good. If it does not, the battery is dead. If the battery is dead and a replacement isn't available please contact Classroom Support (850-644-2811) immediately so it can be fixed. Return to top

Q) How can I have a clock or timer displayed on the screen for the entire class to easily see?
A) Go to Instructor Tools/Clock for this function. Return to top

Q) Can I use the SSH File Transfer Client to upload files to my T: Drive?
A) YES! In fact, the TEC file server only supports secure file transfers now. For information on obtaining and using SSH, please refer to our How To on Transferring Files Using SSH found on this page. Return to top

Q) Can I use wireless networking in the Technology Enhanced Classrooms?
A) No, wireless networking is not a classroom initiative, but if you would like more info on wireless networking at FSU, look here. Return to top

Q) I want to show a DVD in my class but there is no DVD player. Can I show my DVD?
A) Yes, you can show your DVD using the PC in the classroom. To do so, follow these easy steps:
  1. If you have not done so, you must sign up for a classroom computer account. To sign up for an account, please visit the Instructor Tools page and click on sign-up.
  2. Using your classroom account, log onto the computer in the classroom.
  3. Once you are logged on to the computer, insert your DVD into the DVD drive in the computer. If your DVD does not automatically begin playing, click on the Start Button in the bottom left corner of the PC screen. Then click on Programs and then DVD software. From the DVD software shortcut, click either of the DVD player programs. Both players will work exactly the same.
  4. Using the DVD software controls, you can control the DVD player just like a normal DVD player. Return to top
Q) Can I play a Mini-DVD in the Sony DVD players in the classrooms?
A) No, you cannot play Mini-DVD's on the Sony DVD players. This can damage both the DVD and the DVD player. However, you can play a Mini-DVD on the computer by using WinDVD. To learn more about using WinDVD, please refer to I want to show a DVD in my class but there is no DVD player. Can I show my DVD?

Q) Can I play a VCD that I have made in a classroom?
A) Yes, you can play a VCD in a Technology-Enhanced Classroom, but it must be played through the computer using VLC. Return to top

Q) What do I do if I want to use a classroom outside of my regular class time?
A) Please refer to our how to on After Hours Classroom Access Procedures (Alarm or Lock Information) found on this page for any information you may require. Return to top

Q) How can I guarantee that all aspects of my Power Point Presentation will be transferred to my disk and usable in the classroom?
A) In Power Point 2000 and later there is a feature called pack and go. The pack and go feature allows the user to transport all aspects of their Power Point Presentation. This feature is used when you save your presentation. In the "File" menu click on "Pack and Go." From this point follow the instructions that Power Point prompts you to. Under the links option be sure to "check" the "Embed True type Fonts" option, this will insure that all your fonts are carried over. The final option, "Viewer" allows you to carry a viewer on your disk in case the computer you are going to be on doesn't have Power Point 2000. All of the TEC classrooms have Power Point 2000 installed on the computers, so there is no need to include the Viewer. Return to top