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Using the Elmo EV-500AF Document Camera

  1. Lighting Buttons
    • Turn the lights on and off

  2. Input Selection Button
    • This button should always be set to "Internal".

  3. Positive/Negative Conversion Buttons
    • For viewing negative films

  4. Color/Black & White Button
    • For switching between color and black & white projections.
    • See below for more information on the use of this function.

  5. Zoom Buttons
    • Tele - Zooms in
    • Wide - Zooms out

  6. Focus Buttons
    • Used to focus the image (powered)

  7. Auto Focus Button
    • Press once and image will focus automatically.
    • See below for some tips on how to better use this function.

  8. Function Button
    • Not used in any classroom

    On the left-hand side of the camera, near the back, is the power switch. If the power to the camera is off when you arrive, please turn on the camera. Please leave the camera on and turn the lamps off after your class is finished.

    The most efficient method for adjusting FOCUS on these document cameras is to zoom all the way in, maximum magnification, focus the image, then zoom out to suit the presentation. Do not focus anywhere else in the zoom range EXCEPT at maximum magnification. If the image is such that AUTO FOCUS wants to hunt or overshoot, the manual focus buttons will have to be used. If the presentation requires changing back and forth between a single sheet of paper and an open book where the book page is at a height above the base, the camera will have to be refocused again.

    Some subjects are projected with greater clarity if color is removed. Black print on pastel colored paper stock is seen with greater clarity if the color is removed. Only experimentation can indicate whether color enhances or degrades the clarity and general presentation value of a subject's image when projected for audience viewing.