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Using the Extron 138xi Laptop/Auxiliary Connection

138xi Interface

  1. Laptop Audio/Video Cable
    • Use the cable provided, connected to the audio and video port on this interface, to connect the audio and video ports on a laptop.

    • NOTE: To project the laptop video after the cables are connected, use the FUNCTION + CRT buttons located on the keyboard of the laptop. Some laptops require a reboot in order to project the video.

  2. Horizontal/Vertical Shift
    • To adjust the screen position on the projector, turn the H.SHIFT knob to the left or to the right to adjust the horizontal position or the V.SHIFT knob to the left or to the right to adjust the vertical position.

  3. Network Connection
    • Connect the laptop network cable here to gain access to the network. The laptop will be assigned a DHCP address.

    • NOTE: Network cable is not provided.

  4. Auxiliary Input
    • Composite video and audio connections are available for connecting auxiliary devices using any RCA audio and video cables. To project the auxiliary device, select the corresponding AUX/VIDEO button.

  5. Power Outlet
    • A power outlet is provided for convenient hookup for laptop or other device power.