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Using the Extron 168xi Laptop/Auxiliary Connection

168xi Interface

  1. Laptop Audio/Video Cable
    • Use the cable provided, connected to the audio and video port on this interface, to connect the audio and video ports on a laptop.

    • NOTE: To project the laptop video after the cables are connected, use the FUNCTION + CRT buttons located on the keyboard of the laptop. Some laptops require a reboot in order to project the video.

  2. Horizontal Shift
    • To adjust the screen position on the projector, turn the H.SHIFT knob to the left or to the right to adjust the horizontal position.

  3. Network Connection
    • Connect the laptop network cable here to gain access to the network. The laptop will be assigned a DHCP address.

    • NOTE: Network cable is not provided.

  4. Auxiliary Input
    • Composite video and audio connections are available for connecting auxiliary devices using any RCA audio and video cables. To project the auxiliary device, select the corresponding AUX/VIDEO button.

  5. Power Outlet
    • A power outlet is provided for convenient hookup for laptop or other device power.