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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

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Using the Sony SLVD360P DVD/VHS Player

  1. Power (ON/STANDBY) button
    • ON/STANDBY - Press Once to Power on DVD-VCR Player, press again to power off

  2. Progressive button
    • Puts the DVD player in progressive scan mode
      • Our system does not support progressive scan mode. If you are not getting a clear picture, try pressing this button to disable progressive scan.

  3. Disc Tray
    • Insert DVD or Music Disc here. Use Open/Close (#4) button to open tray

  4. Open/Close button
    • Opens and Closes CD/DVD tray

  5. Tape Compartment
    • Insert VHS tape here. Use Eject (#6) button to eject VHS tape

  6. Eject button
    • Ejects VHS tape

  7. Record button
    • Records to VHS tape

  8. Fast Forward and Rewind Buttons
    • Fast Forwards or Rewinds disk or VHS tape
      • Press an addition time to increase speed of Fast Forward or Rewind

  9. Stop button
    • Stops the currently playing disc or VHS tape

  10. Pause button
    • Pauses the currently playing disc

  11. Play button
    • Plays the inserted disc

  12. Remote Sensor

  13. Channel/Tracking +/- buttons
    • Used to adjust tracking on the VCR and changing channels
      • If picture has some distortion or sound has static use these buttons to adjust

  14. Select DVD/VIDEO buttons
    • Changes display between DVD and VCR
      • Press DVD to select DVD or Music Disc, Press VIDEO to select VCR

  15. Line-2 In Video/Audio jacks
    • Not recommended for use in a classroom