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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

How to transfer files to your T: Drive using CoreFTP Secure File Transfer Client

You must have logged on to a classroom instructor computer at least once before you use FTP to send files to your T: drive.

Each instructor has a T: drive on the Technology-Enhanced Classroom (TEC) instructor PC or Mac to store classroom documents.

If you want to access your T: drive files from your home or office, you can use CoreFTP from your Windows computer (click here for Mac instructions). CoreFTP Secure File Transfer Client is an encrypted file transfer program that will safeguard your data.

CoreFTP can be downloaded at for free. Just click on Core FTP now! You can choose the free version of the program from the list.

After you have downloaded and installed Core FTP LE into your computer you can use it with your T: drive with the following steps.

Please note that you *must* move documents to the Desktop or Documents folder or you will not be able to see them on the classroom computer.

  1. To begin, launch the CoreFTP Secure File Transfer Client

  2. When CoreFTP starts, the Site Manager window will automatically launch.

      In the Site Manager window, enter the following information into the fields.

    • Site Name: Technology_Enhanced_Classrooms
    • Host / IP / URL:
    • User Name: your FSU username
    • Port: 22
    • Timeout: Change to 600 (default is 60)
    • Make sure the PASV checkbox is not checked
    • Make sure SSH/SFTP is selected in the drop down box as shown
    • Do not change any other setting
    • Click connect to continue

  3. Enter your FSU password and click OK.

  4. Select Yes to accept the certificate.

  5. You may begin transferring files to your T: drive. Please remember, the maximum amount of available space on your T: Drive is 10 GB.

  6. You are now ready to begin transferring files. The window on your left represents your computer. The Documents folder in the window on the right represents your T: Drive. To transfer files from your computer, you will need to locate the file(s) on the left side, then drag and drop the file(s) in the appropriate folder on the right side.

    NOTE: The Desktop and Documents folders on an instructor PC are stored on your network folder. The T: drive points directly to your Documents folder. You may copy files to these folders with FTP, and they will automatically show up in these folder when you log into a TEC instructor computer.