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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

Student Response Systems ("Clickers") in Technology-Enhanced Classrooms

FSU provides two audience response systems, the primary one from iClicker and an alternative from Turning Technologies. Technology-Enhanced Classroom Support (TEC) installs iClicker receivers, as well as select TurningPoint software (if not already included with that company's portable hardware). You are welcome to use either technology in your Technology-Enhanced Classroom.

To request iClicker or Turning Technologies' installation, submit a Software Request using your FSUID. This is for receiver hardware installation (iClicker) or software installation (Turning Technologies).

iClicker Instructor Overview

iClicker is FSU's preferred polling software. iClicker allows the instructor to administer in-class tests and polls to boost attendance and class participation. iClicker scores are recorded onto your USB drive and then are able to be synchronized with Blackboard's Grade Center (or Canvas's after FSU's migration from Blackboard).

Acquire iClicker hardware for your own use, OR request the hardware base station receiver to be installed in your classrooms if one does not already exist. Most TEC lecture halls already have a receiver.

In order to use iClicker you will need the following:

  • An iClicker receiver (may already be in classroom),
  • Your own instructor iClicker,
  • Your own USB ("flash") drive, then
  • Review the Instructor Quickstart Guide

You are welcome to use your own hardware (iClicker is backwards compatible, meaning it works on old versions). If you are missing any hardware, feel free to request whatever items you need from either Nick or Mandy (see contact info below).

Q- Already have an instructor clicker?

A- You may not need anything else! You can use your own USB drive (see section below), and FSU's TEC group already has their own set of iClicker receivers that may be used depending on which classroom you are teaching in.

Q- Ready to use your own USB drive?

A- Download and install the iClicker programs (Classic or Cloud) anywhere on your USB drive:


[Disclaimer: Only download the iClicker programs from the links provided below. If you download it anywhere else it may not be the correct version.]

iClicker Classic
Formerly iClicker 7. Simple, fast, local data storage. Works with iclicker Reef, iClicker 2, and iClicker+ student solutions.
Requires Windows 7 with .NET 4.0.3 or newer, Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9.5) or newer, or Linux (Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04 LTS, 16.04 Xenial LTS 64-bit versions) or newer, and requires a hardware base station receiver with student hardware clickers.

iClicker Cloud
Formerly Reef Instructor. Cloud-based, mobile-optimized instructor software. Works with iClicker Reef, iClicker 2, and iClicker+ student solutions.
Requires Windows 7 or Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9.5) or newer, and may use student smart phone apps instead of hardware clickers.

How to request iClicker hardware (free!):
Faculty and staff may request specific hardware (including student clickers) by emailing Mandy, the iClicker support representative, and CC:ing Nick, the senior ODL Technical Support specialist:
Mandy Gunnell-
Nick Derella-

A complete iClicker instructor kit can be loaned to faculty and staff free of charge. This kit includes:

  • a receiver
  • a blue instructor clicker
  • a white student clicker
  • a USB drive (or "flash" drive)
  • a USB cord to connect your receiver to the computer
  • an AC adapter to plug into the receiver (not required)

Other helpful links:

General iClicker information and support is available from:
Technical Support: 866.209.5698 M-F 9am-9pm EST
Support Portal:
Sign up for a training via WebEx:

Turning Technologies for Instructors

Turning Technologies training and technical support is available directly by phone or online as described on Turning Technologies’ web site. Click “SUPPORT” at the top of the web page or appropriate sub-category for contact information. At FSU, the College of Education is the primary user for this alternative student response system.

To request Turning Technologies TurningPoint software installation, submit a Software Request using your FSUID. You will be required to provide your own hardware (either from the company or loaned from COE).