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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

Classroom Access Procedures

Policy Overview

With the introduction of Technology-Enhanced Classrooms (TEC) there has been an accompanying need for security to protect the expensive teaching equipment. The following information applies only to "general-purpose"  Technology Enhanced classrooms (TEC) managed by Classroom Support

  • Doors open automatically during normal class schedules. No card swipe is required.
  • Doors require card swipes only for "special events" outside of normal class schedules.
  • Doors automatically unlock 30 minutes before each scheduled class time
  • Doors automatically lock 10 minutes before the end of the last class of the day and before the end of any class with a break of 30 minutes or more before the next class.
  • "Special events" must be scheduled (3-5 days in advance of the event) through Space & Scheduling (644-1050) and also require that printed confirmation of the event be brought to the room for any further assistance needed.*
*For special event classroom access, instructors and guests of FSU should contact Space & Scheduling (part of the Registrar's Office at 644-1050) while student groups should contact Union Scheduling at 644-8431.

Note: As per University policy, a faculty advisor must be present during the entire time the student group meets and only the faculty advisor may use his or her FSU card to unlock classroom doors. The University's "No Food and Drink in the Classroom" policy applies to special events as well as normally scheduled classes.


Anyone needing access for a special event must get prior approval by providing the following information to Space and Scheduling or Union Scheduling:
  • Name, phone number, and email address
  • FSU card number
  • Building name and classroom number
  • Day(s) and time(s) access is needed
If you plan on using the computer in the classroom or any of the audio/visual equipment there you should make sure of the following:
  • You have a Technology-Enhanced Classroom computer account (this is not the same as a Garnet, Mailer or Admin account) which is necessary to use the computer but not any other equipment.
  • That you a familiar with the equipment in the room. If you are not, you may schedule a training session.
Classrooms are secured by an electronic card swipe system. You may refer to our list of Technology-Enhanced Classrooms with information about the locking system.

It is important that the last user of the room per day verify that all windows are closed and locked and that no one is in the room. Open windows pose a security threat and allow bad weather to damage the room. The last user should turn off the LCD projector (to preserve the life of very expensive bulbs). The document camera (when present) should be turned off for the same reason. Then, leave the room and close the door. It is very important that classroom doors are not left propped open or the alarm system will not function properly.

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that technology-enhanced classrooms are secured from theft and vandalism!

Who To Contact

If anyone encounters problems with room access, the alarm system, or with equipment inside the classroom, they should contact Classroom Support at 644-2811 (7:30am to 9:30pm Monday through Friday) or the FSU Police at 644-1234 (access or security issues only - weekdays after 9:30pm, Saturday and Sunday).