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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

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How to use the cCure Locking System

To gain access to a room outside of class hours, simply swipe your card through the slot with the front of your card facing the keypad. Prior arrangements for after hours access must be made. Do not use this procedure during regular class time, the door will be unlocked for you, simply turn the handle and push or pull the door.

When you swipe your FSUCard, the green light will flash with a good read. The red light will flash if the card is not correctly read. This could mean that the card was incorrectly positioned, angled slightly, the card may have been swiped too slowly or too quickly, inserted upside down or backwards, the card may be bent or scratched or worn requiring multiple attempts before a "good" read occurs.

After you have gained access to the room, the green light on the lock will flash and the lock will open for eight seconds and then the door will relock.

When the event is over, you simply have to leave the room and the door will lock behind you. Please be sure that all the windows are shut and that the doors have closed completely and latched.

If you experience difficulty entering or locking the classroom, you can call 644-2811 during the hours Classroom Support is available to help you (Monday through Friday 7:30am to 9:30pm during the semester and 8:00am to 5:00pm during semester breaks). Contact the FSU Police, only when Classroom Support is not available, at 644-1234 for access or security issues only - weekdays after 9:30pm, Saturday and Sunday or during the Winter Break after the semester break.