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Using the Sony BDP-S3200 Blu-Ray Player

Please note: this Blu-ray/DVD player is set to go into a screen saver mode after 5 minutes. Simply press enter on the touch screen controls to restore the video. The player will go into a "sleep mode" after 10 minutes of being left in the pause position. This is to protect the unit. You can start from the same paused point, once the "sleep mode" had engaged, by pressing the play button twice.


  1. Disk Tray
  2. Open/Close
    • Open and close the disk tray.
  3. On/StandBy
    • Turn the player on/off or places the player in standby mode.
  4. USB Jack
    • Allows content to play through USB.
  5. Power Indicator
    • Lights up when th eplayer is turned on.
  6. Remote Sensor