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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

Alertus Beacon Instructions

Alert Beacons inform classroom occupants with sounds and flashing strobes while a large text display informs classroom occupants of the emergency and instructs them how to respond.

Emergency alert devices have been installed in some classrooms at FSU that do not have other alert systems as part of the room's construction. The last instruction is especially important so you will not unnecessarily disrupt your class.

Alertus Beacon

  • Screen (1)
    • Displays Alert Message text. Device information and menu options are also shown here.

  • Siren (2)
    • This is the device's speaker that sounds the Alertus Beacon alarm.

  • Top and Bottom Buttons (3 & 4)
    • Press these buttons simultaneously to silence the alarm.

Alerts are generated by the FSU Police Department. FSU ALERT is Florida State University's emergency notification system. Click here for additional information.