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Connecting a MacBook to the Projector

The following information is a short explanation of how to connect a MacBook to the AV equipment in TEC classrooms.

Adjusting Video Output for a Laptop (MacBook)

Owners of Macintosh Laptops (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc.) frequently need to display the output of their laptop to a classroom projector. Classroom Support supplies at least one kind of cable for this purpose and in newer rooms a variety of cables or other means. All MacBooks will require the owner to supply their own adapters in order to attach to our video cables:

Mac Adapter

Follow this procedure to display the video from your MacBook to our projector:

  1. Attach our cable (either VGA or digital, such as DisplayPort, HDMI, or DVI) to your adapter and make sure all connections are snug.
  2. Turn on projector(s) and select "Laptop" as the source to project on our touch panels or push button style controls.
  3. Under the Apple menu, select System Preferences: Displays.
  4. Your MacBook should sense the presence and type of external display and also show the internal LCD of your laptop in separate windows. If it does not sense an external display, there is a problem with the physical connection.
  5. Usually one can project using the default setting "Best for Display" (or the name of the identified video device, such as "Crestron" or "Epson", etc.) for both internal and external sources. Also, we recommend you turn on Mirroring so that what you see on your Laptop is also displayed on our projector.
  6. If our system does not display your video output, try switching from "Best for Display" to "Scaled" For digital connections, try 1080p first:
  7. Mac Display Settings Digital

  8. For Analog (VGA) connections, try the highest resolution that your MacBook will allow first, using lower resolutions if needed until our projector is able to mirror your video correctly:
  9. Mac Display Settings Analog

  10. It is important if this process fails to QUIT all running programs. DO NOT attempt to establish video output with Powerpoint or any other program open. Restart your computer if necessary.

General Troubleshooting Tips:

Make your MacBook reduce its internal screen resolution to match the best available resolution our projectors can handle.

Establish the video output with no other programs open using the above guide. Only when you have made a good video connection run your intended programs (Powerpoint, web browsers, etc.).

Always have instructional materials available in a secondary format such as on a Flash Drive or via download from the web or email. Be prepared to use a TEC computer rather than your laptop.

Call us if you need help at 644-2811.