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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

Technology-Enhanced Classroom (TEC) Top 10 List

Here are important Do's and Don'ts for all instructors and staff who use Technology-Enhanced Classrooms. Please don't assume someone else will do these things. Your participation is needed and appreciated. Details below are for all who teach but the last instructors of each day have particular responsibilities for the classrooms they teach in.


  • Visit the Technology-Enhanced Classroom support site for information about technology in your classroom.
  • Keep your TEC account and password secret. If others need access to classroom computers, they should sign up for their own account.
  • Log off from your classroom computer account each time you finish class so someone else can't use or abuse your account. However, leave the computer on at all times so it will be ready for the next instructor and automated processes can run to keep the computer updated.
  • Turn off LCD projectors and document camera lamps (where this exists) each time you end class in order to extend the life of these expensive lamps. If another class immediately follows your class then keep those devices on.
  • Encourage your students to close windows and doors at the end of your class to discourage thieves and prevent bad weather from ruining rooms.
  • Help advertise to your students the "No Food and Drink in the Classroom" policy set forth by the Provost.
  • Call Space and Scheduling at (850) (850) 644-1050 (or visit this website) to reserve a Technology-Enhanced Classroom outside of your regularly scheduled class time.

DON'T (hesitate to)

  • Request training in a TEC room by clicking this linkand then clicking the "Training Request" tab (FSUID Login Required).
  • Contact Classroom Support with your questions, feedback or requests for help, by phone (850-644-2811), or by e-mail.
  • Double-click the exclamation icon on your computer's desktop so Classroom Support can respond to your need. Click "Yes" if you would like a response during your class. Otherwise, click "No" and the problem will be addressed before the next time your class meets.
  • Submit a software request (FSUID Login Required) to be installed on the computer you teach with in a TEC room. You can do this by clicking here and then clicking the "Software Request" tab.
  • Contact Classroom Support if the door to your classroom is locked 30 minutes or less before your class is scheduled to begin.