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Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Information Technology Services

Classroom Macintosh Software List

If you do not see software that you need for your course, please fill out a software request form. You can find the form by clicking here and then clicking on the "Software Request" tab.

Operating System TEC Lecture Halls General Mac Classrooms (24 student) Math Dept. Classrooms (32 or 40 student)
Mac OS 12 "Monterey" Mac Minis (Intel): DIF-0128, DIF-0201, DHA-0103, EOA-1050, HCB-0101, HCB-0102, HCB-0103, KIN-1024, LOV-0101, LSB-0006, MCH-0201, MCH-0303, MOR-0104*, PDA-0201, STB-G103, STB-G106, STB-G150, STB-G151, STB-G152, STB-G154, STB-G157, STB-G158, STB-1203, STB-2210, STB-2211B, STB-3203, STB-3209, STB-3301, STB-3303, STB-3305, UCD-1101, UPL-0101, WES-1001* iMac (Intel): MCH-0309, MCH-315B iMac (Intel): MCH-0110 (12 student)
Mac OS 13 "Ventura" FAB-0249 (iMac M1), Mac Minis (Apple M1): CAW-0101, CAW-0102, FLH-0255, FLH-0275, HWC-2100, HWC-2400, HWC-2401, HWC-3100, LON-0201, MON-0102, MON-0104, WJB-2004, WJB-2005, WJB-G040 none iMac (Apple M1): HCB-0319, HTL-0104, HTL-0105, HTL-0113, HTL-0114, MCH-0107
Applications Software
FaceTime No Yes Yes
Photo Booth No Yes Yes
Text Edit Yes Yes Yes
Music/td> Yes Yes Yes
iMovie Yes Yes Yes
Photos Yes Yes Yes
  • Keynote, Numbers, Pages, GarageBand
Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Office 2019 volume license FSU
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook
Yes Yes Yes
Internet Software
Google Chrome Yes Yes Yes
Firefox Yes Yes Yes
Safari Yes Yes Yes
CyberDuck Yes Yes Yes
Maps Yes Yes Yes
News Yes Yes Yes
Skype Yes Yes No
iClicker Cloud Yes No No
Kaltura Capture Yes Yes - Instructor Only No
Zoom Yes Yes Yes - Instructor Only
Departmental Software
Blender No Yes No
SimpleFloatingClock No No Yes - Instructor Only
Python/Anaconda No Yes No
XQuartz No Yes No
Management Software
Apple Remote Desktop Client Yes Yes Yes
Apple Remote Desktop Admin No Yes - Instructor Only No
Managed Software Center (Munki) Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Device Management System (Mosyle) Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Defender - Virus/Malware Protection Yes Yes Yes
Media Players
Apple TV Yes Yes Yes
Quicktime Player Yes Yes Yes
VLC Media Player Yes Yes Yes
Mac OS Interface/Other
NoMAD Login Yes Yes Yes
Alertus Desktop Yes Yes Yes - Instructor Only
App Store Disabled Disabled Disabled
Launchpad Yes Yes Yes
Spaces/Stage Manager Optional Disabled Disabled
Side Car Disabled Disabled Disabled
Siri Disabled Disabled Disabled
Terminal (Unix) Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Disabled Disabled Disabled
Wi-Fi Disabled Disabled Disabled
Wacom Tablet Software No Yes No
Kensington Wireless Presenter Optional upon request No No
Logitech Webcam/Microphone Optional upon request Built-in or Instructor-external Built-in or Instructor-external
* Mac Mini on roll-out Instructor Cart

Updated 6/2/2023